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Protocol Initiator
There needs to be someone who initiates a BIM protocol. This person can initiate an unlimited number of protocols and invite participants. The first week is free. You can cancel any time you want!
Only 5 EUR/month for unlimited BIM protocols! Sign Up
One month, unlimited
Initiate an unlimited number of BIM protocols for one month. After that your subscription ends automatically.
50 euro, one time only Sign Up
Dutch Discount – Nederlandse korting
The Dutch government and launching partners have made it possible for Dutch SME companies to use this service for free for a year!   De Nederlandse overheid, en de ontwikkelaars van de protocol generator maken het voor Nederlandse MKB bedrijven mogelijk om de service met sterk gereduceerde korting te gebruiken. U dient uw gegevens door te sturen naar om in aanmerking te komen voor een account.
Gratis voor éen jaar Sign Up
Beta tester
Want to help out? Apply for a discount code at and subscribe to this beta-testing account. The account will be terminated after beta testing is over, but you will receive a new discount code for other subscriptions. Thanks for helping us out!
10 euro, but zero with discount coupon Sign Up